What is “Web 2.0” Submission? How to do it?- PWS Digital Marketing Course In Meerut

Hello students, in this blog we are going to discuss all the details about Web 2.0 submissions. But, before you start practicing web 2.0 submissions, PWS Digital Marketing Course in Meerut suggests you not to ignore basic SEO techniques.

How Web 2.0 submissions affect my website’s popularity?- PWS Digital Marketing Course In Meerut

Web 2.0 submissions is a quite handy process to bring organic traffic to your website. It helps your website gain popularity over search engines. There are a lot of websites which permit you to submit your blogs over web 2.0 platform. Let’s discuss everything in detail with PWS Digital Marketing course in Meerut.

The first & foremost thing is to search for the best Web 2.0 submission website list on the search engine (preferably Google or Yahoo). The search engine will now display various links containing a list of best web 2.0 submission sites.
Among all the sites, to name a few, wordpress.com, blogger.com & tumblr.com are the best. So, let’s start our tutorial with wordpress.com.

All you need to do is log in to wordpress.com. After that, create an account on WordPress (if you don’t have any). Sign up on WordPress with your Gmail ID (or any other mail ID which you have).
Now after the sign-up process gets completed log in again with your login credentials on WordPress.

Step-1: Now, you will be required to name your website. PWS Digital Marketing Course In Meerut recommends using an appropriate name using your focus keyword.

digital marketing course in meerut
digital marketing course in meerut

For example, if you are focusing on let’s say, coaching classes, then your website name can be “mathscoaching.wordpress.com”.

Step- 2: Fill in your website’s URL.
Now, you’ll be asked to opt for either free service or paid service, PWS SEO training in Meerut suggests you choose free service.

Step-3: Now, you will be asked to enter your valid E-mail ID. Enter it & choose a strong password.
Click on continue.
Now, you are almost done with the process.

Step-4: On the Left-hand side of your screen, a “blog post” option will be there. You need to click on that to start writing your blog on your WordPress website.

Step-5: After writing the blog, you need to insert the link of your website’s landing page. It will enable the readers to visit your website after reading your blog.
To do that, click on the link icon & insert the link of your website. Now, click “Add Link”.
Now, what happens is when someone clicks on the link, he/she will be redirected to your website.

Step-6: Now PWS SEO training in Meerut advises you to add images & videos (if possible) to your blog. Images & videos build up your genuine image in the visitor’s eyes.

Step-7: Publish your blog

For speedy results, keep publishing your blogs on popular submission sites like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, etc. at regular intervals.

For detailed knowledge of SEO & Digital Marketing, PWS digital marketing course in Meerut. The course offers a digital marketing internship certificate by PWS Pvt. Ltd. the first IT company in Meerut. The course also offers a huge benefit of digital marketing job in Meerut. The best part is, the company hires its top students into its team when the need arises.

So, it is a golden opportunity for you to get digital marketing jobs for freshers right near your house and that too at your dream package.

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