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Hello students, welcome to our blog. If you want to pursue your career in Digital Marketing, then you must be able to understand the concept of Social Bookmarking to a great extent. Making use of social media is the need of the hour to make your product popular in modern times.
To make you understand the scenario, PWS Digital Marketing Course in Meerut is here to help you.
Social Bookmarking is an important pillar of Digital Marketing. A socially bookmarked website has a lot greater chances of huge getting organic that the one which is not bookmarked at all.
In this blog, PWS SEO training in Meerut will discuss each & every aspect of social bookmarking.

First and the foremost thing you need to do is to register yourself on social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter. These popular platforms have the capability to catapult your website traffic in no time.
To register on some other social bookmarking sites, search “Social Bookmarking Websites” on Google.

Now, open the link displayed on the Google page. The link will show a list of top social bookmarking websites with their respective PA, DA & Alexa Rank.
PWS Digital Marketing course in Meerut suggests you choose the websites with high PA, DA & Alexa Rank.

digital marketing course in meerut
digital marketing course in meerut

How to Do “Social Bookmarking”?- PWS Digital Marketing course in Meerut

If you feel a little lazy about social bookmarking stuff, well, let’s make it easier for you. All you need to do is just follow this procedure-
Step 1- Search for “Add To Any” tool on Google
Step 2- Add it in your Google Chrome browser
Step 3- Click on “Add Extension”
Step 4- Now, with this tool, you can select many sites for social bookmarking. You don’t need to share your blogs on different platforms each time. With this tool, you can share your blogs on many platforms at one go.
Step 5- Press the “Plus” button
Step 6- Click on “Go To” option
Step 7- Select the websites on which you want to submit your blogs

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