Concepts Of “Classified Submissions” – PWS Digital Marketing Course In Meerut

Classified submissions is a common term in the Digital Marketing world. it is a handy tool to make people aware of your services over the internet. Before we dig deeper into the concept, PWS Digital Marketing Course in Meerut makes you aware of the basics.

What Are Classified Sites?-PWS Digital Marketing Course In Meerut

Classified sites are the ones which give you a platform to exhibit your Ads over the internet. For example olx.com, sulekha.com etc. are one of the top classified sites in India and offer a wide range of audience to your business.
PWS SEO training in Meerut teaches you how to display your services over classified submission sites.

How To Do Classified Submissions?- PWS Digital Marketing Course In Meerut

Step 1- Log on to Google & type highest PR (Page Rank) classified submission websites as shown in the image-

digital marketing course in meerut

Step 2- Choose your country “India” or any other country as per your convenience.
Step 3- Register yourself on the classified sites by signing up with your username & password credentials.
Step 4- Create your ad. In that ad you can advertise your blogs, your business or whatever your products are. The classified submission site will ask you to opt for either paid ads or free ads. PWS Digital Marketing course in Meerut in Meerut suggests you choose free ads.
Step 5- While creating your Ad, select your Ad title which contains your focus keyword. For example- if your focus keyword is Maths coaching in Meerut, then your Ad title can be “Maths coaching in Meerut at your doorsteps”.
Step 6- Now select your Ad’s category as per your business. Like, if you sell computer hardware, you can select “Computers” as your category.
Step 7- Write a brief description of your business. Remember one thing, your description should contain your focus keyword.
Step 8- Add an image in your Ad.
Step 9- Post your Ad.

It takes a while (normally a few minutes) for the sites to approve your Ad. Based on our experience, olx.com is the best-classified submission site as it offers instant results & a wide range of audience to your Ads. To learn the concepts of SEO, join SEO training in Meerut by PWS Digital Marketing Academy.

Digital Marketing is fun & offers great career opportunities. For detailed knowledge of Digital Marketing, enroll yourself in SEO training in Meerut by PWS Digital Marketing Academy, a subsidiary of PWS Pvt. Ltd. (the first IT company in Meerut).
The course benefits include Digital Marketing internship at the lowest fees in Meerut & Delhi-NCR. Apart from that, the company offers SEO jobs in Meerut for its meritorious students.
The rigorous training module makes you eligible for the Digital Marketing job in Meerut

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