How To Increase “Lead Conversion Rate” Through PPC?- Concepts By PWS Digital Marketing Course Meerut

  • Lead generation through PPC (Pay Per Click), no doubt gives you an edge over your opponents
  • But it has a lead conversion rate of just 2%-2.5% approx.
  • Plus you need to invest huge sums of money to get it done. Haha!! but not now.
  • With these concepts by PWS SEO training in Meerut, you can get at least 10 times more leads at the same budget.
digital marketing course meerut
Digital Marketing Course Meerut
  • Your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is a very powerful trick to get new leads at a very optimized cost.
  • Once you understand the concepts, believe us, you are gonna be the king of marketing.
  • It’s worth mentioning here that “It is possible to get 25% or more lead conversion through PPC”
  • It doesn’t matter which business model you follow, B2B or B2C, just go for it.

Common Mistakes We Commit During PPC campaigns- Concepts By PWS Digital Marketing Course Meerut

Well, without spending our precious time, let’s dig into the details of what mistakes we commit during our PPC campaigns.

Mistake No. 1 – Using many keywords in your Ad campaign.

  • This may sound crazy, but, yes using too many keywords in your Ad campaigns is the main reason of high CPC (Cost Per Click) and low CTR (Click-Through Rate)
  • Let’s elaborate it. For example, you have a restaurant in Malviya Nagar, Delhi.
  • You are running an Ad campaign using keywords- Restaurant, Delhi, Chinese Food, Fast food in Delhi, Restaurant in Malviya Nagar.
  • When the user types “Delhi” and your Ad shows up on the screen, do you think he was searching for restaurants?
  • No, he wasn’t. What if he clicks on your Ad just like that and then aborts?
  • It will result in high CPC and low CTR (as the bounce rate will increase)
  • So, use fewer keywords and that too after knowing the user’s intention.

PWS SEO training in Meerut

Digital Marketing Course Meerut
  • You will get benefited on Google searches if you’re using an optimum number of keywords bang on target.

How to identify worthless keywords?

  • To identify useless keywords, make a search on Google using your keywords, keeping in mind, what the user’s intention can be.
  • If your Ad with that particular keyword doesn’t match your intentions, kindly stop using it.

#Mistake No. 2-

  • If your Ad banner targets only customers of a specific gender/ age group/ demographic location/ taste etc.
  • Let’s describe what happens.
  • For example, You have a restaurant in Delhi and your Ad banner shows Chinese cuisine, Burger, Pizza and all sorts of stuff.
  • Your banner is likely to attract only youngsters or people up to the age group of 35.
  • Now the demerit is you have left a huge chunk of people (above the age of 35) uninterested in your Ad.

#Mistake No. 3-

  • Your Ad’s content doesn’t match with your landing page’s content.
  • One of the most deadly mistakes your PPC team commits is that your Ad’s content is completely opposite to your landing page’s content.
  • This will surely kill your leads.
  • For example- Here is an Ad of RBC bank, have a look at what it says-
digital marketing course in meerut
  • It is an Ad which displays the benefits the bank is offering to its customers. Now, look at the landing page of the bank’s website-
digital marketing course meerut
digital marketing course meerut
  • You can clearly see here that the Ad’s content of the bank doesn’t match with the content of the Bank’s website.
  • If the two contents are different, they will confuse your lead.
  • Do you think a confused lead can become your customer?
  • The answer is “NO”.
  • It is like you promises him to fix a meeting with Sachin Tendulkar but he ends up meeting some anonymous guy.

#Mistake No. 4– You offer too many choices to your customer

  • The common mistake we commit is offering too many choices
  • A confused lead can never be your customer
  • For example, I was looking for best hotel deals in West America.
  • I came across an Ad which shows 20% discount on hotel deals
digital marketing course meerut
Digital Marketing Course Meerut
  • When I clicked this Ad, it took me to the landing page (shown below)
  • The landing page doesn’t show any discount
  • It created disinterest in me because I didn’t get what I was looking for