Are you tired of building backlinks through common SEO methods?

Building backlinks require a lot of time taking things like-

  • Directory Submissions
  • Web 2.0 submissions
  • Wheel linking
  • Classified Submissions
  • Blogging

But here, we will teach you new techniques to build your backlinks within very less time

How To Create Quality Backlinks Within 24 hours? – Concepts By PWS SEO Training In Meerut

You can easily create backlinks through “commentluv”.

Wait, what is “commentluv”? How to do it? Let’s discuss that.

“comment luv” is an SEO technique. It is the best way to create backlinks.

Let’s discuss that through an example.

Suppose, you are writing a blog on SEO Topics.

To create backlinks, you need to just follow these simple steps-

  • Go to Google
  • Type – “SEO Topics””commentluv”

Now, to post a unique comment to create backlink, fill the given details-

  1. Name of your company
  2. URL of your website
  3. Type your comment

Let us clear it further. If I have an institute for Digital Marketing Internship in Meerut, I would want to create maximum backlinks.

How I will do it? See the image below-


Go to Google and type “Digital Marketing”commentluv

SEO training in Meerut


Now, go open any website from here. In my case, I clicked on the link “Bridging the gap between Digital Marketing and Social Media”

Add your comment in the comment box and fill your details

SEO training in Meerut

Now, click on “confirm that you are not a spammer”

SEO training in Meerut

After writing your comment and filling your details, click on “Post Comment” as shown in the image below

SEO training in Meerut

After posting your comment, wait for a few hours.

Once the comment is approved, it means you got the backlink.

This is the best and easiest way to get quality backlinks very fast.

You can comment on as many websites as you want.

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