How To Earn Money Through Facebook Messenger? PWS SEO training in Meerut

Do you want to have your own business which has the reach to millions of customers?

PWS SEO training in Meerut helps you to maximize your business reach through “Facebook Messenger”.

Yes, you heard it right, we will use “Facebook Messenger” to promote your business.

Since its launch in 2011, Facebook Messenger has seen many transitions.

Initially, it was used as a messenger by Facebook users, but the company has added much more to it after that.

It provides the following features. Content By PWS Digital Marketing course in Meerut

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Facebook Messenger users can now watch videos, send money and many more functions all on one platform.

What is special here is that Facebook Messenger has a huge crowd of more than 1.3 billion users. Isn’t that terrific?

So, imagine if you can reach out to those users at just one click, there will be money raining in your hands.

How Can Facebook Messenger Beneficial For Your Business? PWS SEO Training In Meerut

Facebook Messenger has added the function to purchase products online. It provides a huge stage for companies to reach customers.

More than 2 billion messages are sent each day between companies and customers over Facebook Messenger.

Out of that, only 53% customers get satisfied.

What if you can tap the remaining 47% also?

The key here is that you have to be expressive in Marketing.

You have to understand your customer’s needs.

I am sure, if you use it carefully, you can earn millions.

I will tell you how to promote your business on Facebook Messenger.

It will improve your customer base on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Is A Business Platform – PWS SEO Training In Meerut

More than 65% of the Facebook users use Messenger.

More than 55% Americans use Messenger daily.

Facebook Messenger has a market of more than 1.3 billion customers.

Companies have already penetrated the market. But, only a few of them use its full potential.

A research by PWS Digital Marketing course in Meerut reveals that 80% people love live chat support.

SEO training in meerut
PWS SEO training in Meerut

The survey also suggests that more than 50% of people buy the product after a live chat.

SEO training in Meerut
SEO training in Meerut

Live chat support increases customer loyalty

How To Save Cost Of Live Chat Support Service? PWS SEO Training In Meerut

You can use chat bots to save cost on live chat support.

Chat bots are computer programs that answer to customer’s questions.

It is estimated that chatbots save about $180 million in industries like- Insurance, Retail, Finance, etc.

SEO training in Meerut
PWS SEO Training In Meerut