How To Make Your New Website Popular Instantly?- PWS SEO Training In Meerut

You made a new website with so much hard work but no one even knows about it.

As a result, no one visits your website and your website doesn’t even rank on SEO.

Do you have the same issue? Well, don’t worry PWS SEO training in Meerut is here with you.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can popularize your website instantly.

But, remember you need to work hard on these SEO strategies.

One more thing you must remember is no marketing company can give you instant results. If they claim so, they are fooling you.

Before we teach you our tactics, kindly divide your goals into weekly target.

Apply the tactics described here week by week and monitor the results.

4 Tactics To Generate High Traffic On Your Website – by PWS SEO Training In Meerut

#Week 1 Tactic No. 1- Concepts by PWS Digital Marketing Course In Meerut

“Post your comments on each and every blog related to your business”

To do that, go to Google and type “Blogs related to your business”commentluv

Let’s elaborate it further with an example.

Suppose, you have a website of Mathematics coaching institute.

Now, what you need to do is-

Step 1- Go to Google and type “Mathematics blogs” commentluv.

This is shown in the image below-

SEO training in Meerut

Step-2 – Open any link. In my case, I am opening the first link.

Step- 3- Write your comment in the comment box given at the end of the blog as shown in the figure-

SEO training in Meerut

Step-4 – Fill your details like- Name, E-mail and your website as shown in the figure-

SEO training in Meerut

Step-5- Post your comment

#Week 2 Tactic No. 2- Be a helper on social networking sites like “Twitter” and “Facebook” – Concepts by PWS Digital Marketing course in Meerut

Help people on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Here is how you can do it-

Log in to your account on Twitter, Facebook, etc. and search for topics related to your business.

Answer the queries of people and leave a link to your website.

For example-